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Automatic Frying Machine

Our fully automatic fryer is made of 304 stainless steel. The frying process of pure oil, with low oil content, is equipped with high-efficiency oil filtering equipment to reduce the replacement rate of fried oil. This machine can realize automatic feeding, automatic discharging, automatic mixing and automatic temperature control.
Scope of application: pasta, meat, nuts, soy products, seafood, other types

1. The new energy-saving fryer has various forms such as electric heating, coal heating, and gas (natural gas/liquefied gas) heating.
2. The whole machine adopts imported high-quality stainless steel materials, with exquisite workmanship and durability.
3. The intelligent digital display thermostat is convenient and practical.
4. With over-temperature protection device, it is a smokeless, multi-functional, water-oil hybrid frying equipment.
5. The equipment adopts the internationally advanced oil-water mixed frying process, which fundamentally solves the drawbacks of the traditional frying pan, and can simultaneously fry various foods without odor and multi-function.

6. The fried food not only has good color, fragrance and taste, but also has a clean and beautiful appearance, and improves the product quality and prolongs the shelf life.