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Potato chip fries production line workflow

French fries potato chip production line workflow

1. Potato cleaning process:

Cleaning is an indispensable process for the French fries frying line. The main purpose of cleaning is to remove the free starch on the surface, prevent the starch from entering the fryer and affect the service life of the oil. At the same time, the potato chips can be exposed to the air. Oxidative browning, reducing sugars and amino acids produce melanin, oxidative discoloration browning

2. Potato rinsing process

This process is necessary, after cleaning, enter the hot water of 65-90 degrees for blanching. It destroys the activity of the enzyme, improves the structure of the tissue, makes it easy to dehydrate, and also eliminates foaming when the air is fried in the potato tissue. Add sodium bisulfite or sodium metabisulfite additive to the blanching solution to protect the color and bleach

3. Potato frying process

The biggest advantage of the frying line is the high degree of automation, time and labor saving, low labor intensity, etc., and the product quality is stable, the output is high, the cost is low, and the green is pollution-free. French fries deep-fried line, the frying time can be controlled, the frying time can be adjusted freely according to the product demand. The microcomputer is controlled by multiple stages of temperature control, which can control the oil temperature in detail and accurately, so that the food is fried at the optimal temperature and improved. product quality.

The potato strip potato chip production line has a good temperature control effect. After the feed, the overall oil temperature fluctuation range is controlled within 2 degrees, reducing the energy loss of reheating, saving production time and improving efficiency. The frying fries production line is a mesh belt frying line, which adjusts the mesh belt width and mesh size according to the size requirements of the product. The whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable, strong in corrosion resistance, beautiful in appearance and strong in applicability.