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How to use a fully automatic fryer?


1. Add water to the fryer first, and the water level reaches the water level to detect the cut water. Do not add too much water, because the water temperature measurement will not detect the water temperature, it is easy to cause boiling phenomenon.

2. If cooking oil, the oil level depends on the size of the fried food, but the oil layer must be 3-4 cm higher than the temperature sensor.

3. Close the power switch in the power distribution box, and then turn on the power switch of the control panel. At this time, the power indicator light is on, and the temperature controller is also powered on.

4, check the bottom of the temperature controller to display the green number, and then set the frying temperature according to the frying process, the temperature is generally between 160-220 ° C, but not higher than 230 degrees, because the ignition point of the oil is 230 ° C, the water temperature is generally It is below 50 °C.

5. When the oil temperature reaches the set temperature, the food can be fried. The temperature of the frying process is self-controlled and does not need to be considered for additional operation.

6. Draining procedure: If the cooking oil is used for a long time, you need to change the oil or clean the frying machine. Do not discharge the sewage first. You should first open the oil cutting, after draining the oil, open the drain valve again. can. (This must be done when the oil temperature is cooled below 80 °C)

7. When there is too much slag in the fried food, the cleaning force of the heating pipe and the number of discharges of the sewage should be increased.