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Goodbye, August; Hello, September!

Goodbye, August; Hello, September!

The most beautiful melody in the world is the heart beating, blood flow, the most amazing is the time rotation.
Time dominates everything, and no life can remain unchanged in the passage of time.
We bloom in the passage of time, chase and beat, try our best to release our own light, as far as possible in the long history of life, no one wants to go to the world in vain.
The reason why we are beautiful today is that we paid down yesterday.
August is a beautiful season, everything is full of life, just like the noon time of the day, full of vitality and passion.
There are blue sky waves, blue as wash, white clouds like hard-working cleaners, hard work.
There are flowers and flowers under the gorgeous, indomitable in the scorching sun, blooming their most beautiful youth.

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August is not as hot as July, nor as cool as September. In August, there are always Xiaoxiao rain sounds in our ears, or continuous like silk, or pouring down, constantly stroking a sleeping city, wake up wandering soul, let us wake up like a dream, life is in progress.
Seeing and hearing the rain passing away, the scorching sun is gradually extinguished, and the wind rises leisurely. In the message of the years, September is coming.
The level of a person's achievement is not determined by the shining moment of his youth, but by his attitude towards life when his youth has passed away.
We tend to focus on the results of things and ignore the importance of the process. Don't forget that the results are determined by the process.
September serves as a bridge between August and October and a passage to great achievements. Without the persistent efforts of September, there will be no great achievements in October. In the past two days, our containers are also running on the road of customers' destination.
Every time in life is equal, because life is flowing with time.
Green years, such as the wind, but also like water storage force forward. I hope that in the long river of years, just like the fish upstream of the current, we will not be afraid of difficulties and dangers. If we have a dream, we will have a direction. We will never refuse to set sail, and we will go forward bravely.
Time is the most fair witness, and it gives the most unique pulse in each period.

September is the continuation of August, the continuation of our life, we should and cherish.

In August, we are full of enthusiasm. In September, we will accumulate our enthusiasm and wait for October to bloom.
The warm light of September can no longer stop our steps. In this beautiful month, we can travel around the world. There is no heat like the sun, no hurricane and rainstorm, only the traces of gentle years.
September is a new course. We should forget the troubles of August, bid farewell to yesterday's sadness, take over August, and continue to walk on the road of life.
After the night comes the dawn, and there is a clear sky above the clouds. No matter what happened yesterday, we should greet the new arrival with a smile and open a new chapter with yesterday's experience.
Hello, September, I'm glad you meet as scheduled. Thank you for your life here. It's quiet.
Goodbye, August, you are our most beautiful memories, leaving the latest scenery on the road of life.
Friends, please remember: all amazing comes from long-term preparation, all luck comes from unremitting efforts. Only when time is quiet and beautiful can we live up to life.
Appreciate for everyone's praise we will following our heart to make super good machine!