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Face covid-19 together,we are family of world! Belyoo---be love you

1、Take temperature before going out

If you have already gone to work, you must measure your temperature before going out every day to see if you have a fever. If you have a fever, you should consult at home and conduct self isolation observation.

2、Wear masks and drive by yourself
If you have already gone to work, you should wear a good mask before you go out. You'd better wear a disposable medical mask. Generally, the mask can't prevent the virus. You'd better drive or walk when you go out and avoid taking the bus.

3、Touch elevator button with tissue

If you need to take the elevator to work, you must pay attention to the use of disposable paper towels for elevator buttons, do not touch directly with your hands, and do not cough in the elevator, and pay attention to keep away from the crowd when coughing.
4、Stagger the time of eating to avoid pushing
If you need to eat at work, you should stagger the time of eating, avoid too many people contact and pile up. It's better to eat in the dormitory, not too close to people, and talk less.
5、Disinfect and ventilate the workplace in time
In the work place, it is necessary to disinfect every day, ventilate and ventilate at the same time, ensure air circulation, and do not work in a closed place for a long time.

6、Disinfect and wash hands in time at home

If you need to go home after going to work, you should disinfect your clothes with alcohol after going home. Meanwhile, the mask should be disinfected and discarded. Wash your hands with disinfectant in time and wash them repeatedly.
As mentioned above, workers who start construction must remember yo! To take good self-protection measures is not only responsible for everyone, but also for the family and themselves.